Life Lately

Happy End of Spring!  I know you have all been as busy as us doing all of the end of spring / start of summer things.  We’ve been having a ball this year!  The girls are a whole year older and it’s really changed the dynamic of things and it’s just made outings easier to accomplish.  Toddler Mamas- there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!

The school girl’s made it through Field Day.  It was the first time I had multiple children participating and with the help of a handful of family members we made it through without anyone feeling left out.


Speaking of not being left out- Baby Sister totally competed in all of the games.  When we arrived the got in line with Middle Sister and when it was her turn to run, she took off.  Middle Sister’s Kindergarten teacher is the best and always makes sure Baby Sister feels included.


Big Sister turned 10!!!  We threw a surprise sleepover for her and all of the girls had a blast.  I love her sweet school friends.   Their teacher had given us permission to toilet paper her house, but it stormed really bad that night so they had a toliet paper fashion show instead.  Silly girls!


We have always watched the Air Show from our backyard, but this year my parents and I felt like the girls were old enough to make it through a day on Base.  It’s been exactly a year since we lost my Grandpa (an Air Force pilot) and it just helped our hearts to be on Base and around planes.

The last conversation I had with him was about the Air Show a year before. His sight was getting bad, so I was describing everything to him.  His memory had faded so much, but he never forgot those planes.


I promised my friend Hanna I would blog about THE BEST FIELD TRIP EVER!  Someone brought this up in our small group at church last night and I got all kinds of passionate about it.  It was one of the best days I’ve had with the little girls.


On a side note:  I posted the above picture on Instagram and my friend Kenda jokingly told me to stop looking so cute and like I had my life all together.  Girl, please!  I drove all the way to the lake in another town and called Middle Sister’s teacher to tell her I couldn’t find them anywhere.  She asked me where I was and then proceeded to tell me they were at a nature center about five minutes from my house.  #majormomfail


We made in time to enjoy most of the Field Trip.  Middle Sister is my nature girl and this was so up her alley.  I checked her out early and we went and did a little exploring of our own.


We thought this turtle was stuck in the mud and went to tell the Park Ranger.  He told us she was beginning to lay eggs.  Nothing like eating a bag of fritos and watching a turtle lay eggs!


Pool season is here and we love having friends over to play and swim.  Big Sister’s friends came to swim with us earlier this week and they did cheer stunts in the water for about three straight hours.  They choreographed a whole performance and the mamas had to cheer chant them on.  (I love my life.  For real.)


She also took them fishing for a bit and returned to tell us that ‘they weren’t biting.’  (Her dad loves his life.  For real.  Proud dad moment.)


Big Sister also went to a ‘growing up’ class at a local Pediatric office.  We made a big night of it and took them to a fancy dinner afterwards.  I highly suggest this class to all of my local friends.  The Pediatrician was wonderful and talked to them on a 4th/5th grade girl level.  I loved that she talked to them about self esteem and being kind to one another as they all went through this phase of life.  That’s such an important part of growing up!


And just in case these shiny, happy moments leave you thinking that I’ve got it all together I will leave you with this…


Dirty floors, a kid with stained pants who is most likely sneaking food onto the couch and a 4 year old melting down because she isn’t getting her way.

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