What We (will) Wear Around The World…

I’m in major trip wardrobe planning mode!  I’ve checked off almost every item on my list in the last six weeks.  Today I tied up some loose ends at Old Navy and I couldn’t wait to share my finds with you.  Old Navy is having a great sale right now, so please forgive the quality of the pictures on this post but I didn’t want any of you to miss out on these great deals!

Let me explain a little about my girls…  they will be 10, 6 and 5 when we travel.  The ‘littles’ have been the same size since the were two and three years old.  That was the year I quit buying two sets of outfits and combined their closets.  They rarely ever match since they share clothes.  I buy lots of mix and match (thank you, Matilda Jane) and so they coordinate, but matching only really happens at Disney World.  It’s a novelty to them so they never mind.  Big Sister has always been a stage ahead, so it’s a very rare occasion to see them all dressed alike.  Every now an then I will ask if her thoughts on matching and sometimes (to my delighted surprise) she gives me a ‘yes’.

She gave me the green light to match them one day on our next trip… fingers crossed that she doesn’t change her mind before we travel!


Let me be honest,  I cannot justify spending out money on expensive matching outfits.  I’m a big fan of Target, Old Navy and Gap when it comes to buying in pairs or in threes.  I plan on having them wear these Star Wars shirts and mustard shorties (above) to Hollywood Studios again this year.  Seriously…they still wear this outfits once a week and they have held up so well!  Why mess with a good thing?

So without further adieu….

here are some of the new items purchased for our next Disney getaway.

Pool Day Outfits

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 6.53.12 PM

We added some rest days into the agenda for our upcoming trip.  Gregg and I plan on staying out late on a date night, so we are hoping that everyone will sleep in the next day.  Then we are going to throw on our swim suits and head to the pool… but first…  we have an early lunch at Beaches and Cream.  Obviously we can’t show up to lunch in our swimmies, so I needed to find something that the girls could throw on over their swimsuits.

Big Sister fell in love with her Cat and Jack cover up from Target.  She has been wearing it all summer and it is holding up very well.  She will throw it over a one piece swimsuit and pair it with a cute pair of denim shorts.  The whole get up makes her feel very grown.  It looks like something a teenager would wear, so of course… #TWEENAGER

I found the little girl’s tops and bottoms at Old Navy today.  The hoodies are made from a really light and soft knit and the shorts are also extremely light.  I feel like they will both dry well if they end up getting wet on our pool day.  I love the little tropical pop it adds, too!

Speaking of tropical…

Rest Day #2

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 6.53.27 PM

I found these online from Hunny Bee Kids.  They were only $15 each.  Moana is Middle Sister’s jam!  (She tickles me…  her favorite princesses are Moana, Tiana, Merida and Mulan.)  That should tell you something about her personality!  She is not my princessy girl.  I knew she would love this little shift dress, though.  I ran it by Big Sister and she loved it, too!

I was a little nervous ordering from this company, but the dresses are adorable and fit the girls really well.  The material is soft and light and will be perfect for the Florida sun. We won’t be visiting the parks on this day, so I’m not worried about them getting on an off of rides in a dress.

Animal Kingdom Day

I always have way too much fun with this one!  Last trip we wore repeat outfits so I went on a hunt for the perfect sister set and ended up finding a little something for myself, too!

Old Navy to the rescue once again!  Guys, they have a plethora of Animal Kingdom goodies for the whole family right now.  Run to your nearest Old Navy and stock up!

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 6.53.53 PM

Middle Sister scored a zebra romper.  Little Sister scored a black top and some safari green (hehe) shorts.  I liked this collection too much to match anyone!  I wanted to spread the love around their closets.  I so wish that Baby Sister’s black top came in my size!!!

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 6.54.04 PM

I am loving the back of these tops, too.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 6.53.41 PM

Big Sister loves her elephant shorts!  In fact, when we were in Old Navy today she asked for them again.  I had to remind her that they were already at home hanging in my closet.  Her top is by Art Class from Target.  Old Navy was lacking in the solid white top department that day.  I also like the Art Class top because the upper portion is heavily layered so she won’t have to worry if she gets wet on any rides.

I get to match Baby Sister at Animal Kingdom.  Since they didn’t have her top in my size, I settled for an eyelet top.  (I actually really love it and have already been wearing it.  It’s a great staple item.)  Those shorts are so, so comfortable!  They will be great to wear around the park.

Just in case you missed how I shop for our trips the link is here.

Once again, sorry for the low quality pictures.  I was just too anxious not to share this with my friends.  Happy Shopping, everyone!

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