Disney World: Day 1, Part 1

‘It’s Disney day!!!!’

The feeling of waking up and knowing you are Disney bound has got to be one of the best feelings in the world!

We woke up around 7:00am and headed downstairs for a quick breakfast.  Everyone was in a excited rush to get ready and then we hit the road.  The drive from Ocala to Orlando is only about an hour.  We listened to the Trolls soundtrack and played the ‘I spy a Disney billboard’ game.  (Another family favorite!)  Once we start to hit the tollways things get really hype in our car.


At around 9am we pulled into the Boardwalk Resort and Villas.

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 3.50.24 PM

Gregg dropped us off out front and I went in and got in line to store our luggage with Bell Services until our room was ready while the girls explored the whimsical lobby.  The line was little long since it was a Saturday morning, but it moved quickly and they were very kind.  They took my suitcases and came back with the double stroller we rented from Kingdom Stroller.  Because we had done Online Check-In we did not have to check into our resort.  We just dropped off our things and were ready to hit the park.


‘We’re here!’


We stopped to check out the pool before hitting the Boardwalk and heading to Epcot.  I couldn’t wait to show it to the girls.  It was love at first sight and they could not wait to go down the clown slide.


Epcot is just a short, extremely scenic walk down the Boardwalk.  Ah…. it felt like vacation.


If you are a guest at The Boardwalk, Beach and Yacht Club or Swan and Dolphin you are able to use the back entrance of Epcot.  Then lines for security and park entrance are so much shorter and at most times of the day there is no wait at all.  We happened to get there are prime time and so the line was the longest I had ever seen it.  Yikes!  Thankfully, we didn’t have real plans for the day.  We just wanted to get our bearings and  take it easy.

Middle Sister was loving all of the Food and Wine decor.  She saw this sign and said ‘Art!  Mom, I love art!  Take my picture!’  I’m not so sure she understood the kind of ‘art’ she was loving at that moment…


So let me be honest….  Epcot Day 1 was a BUST!!!!  With a hurricane coming into the gulf, it was stupid hot and humid.  We rode one ride (Journey to Imagination… not the best ride at Epcot, haha) and decided to take a stroll through the World Showcase and call it a morning.  I am all for calling it quits early rather than stirring up a hornets nest (which is the direction we were headed in).

Since the kids (and their dad) were getting very cranky on the way to lunch so we took a detour in Germany for beer and a giant pretzel.


We had lunch at Tangerine Cafe, which is our favorite quick service option in Epcot.

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 4.10.49 PM

(Picture courtesy of Disney Food Blog.  I also added a link to their incredibly informative review of Tangerine Cafe- check it out!)

We headed back to the resort, but our room was still not ready.  I asked Bell Services if we could get our swimsuits out of our carry on and they were happy to help.  They led me back to where the luggage was stored and allowed me to take anything we needed.  I stuffed it all into my backpack and we went out and changed by the pool.


(FYI:The bathrooms are tucked right inside the carousel under the word ‘leaping’.)

I loved this pool for so many reasons, but mainly because it was small enough for us to spot the girls anywhere.  They took off to swim and Gregg and I grabbed a few drinks and settled into the lounge chairs.  All three girls went down the slides over and over!


Soon they were calling out volunteers for Disney trivia, so of course we had to team up and dominate!


We had a blast and enjoyed the sun until we got the notification that our room was ready. We packed up our things and headed in to check out our place for the night and take a much needed rest.  It was the perfect afternoon to kick off vacation.


Disney World with kids can have it’s moments.  Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate or they are tired or overwhelmed….  We’ve seen it all.  Never forget that you are on vacation.  There is always something to do on Disney Property.  If your kids need a break from the parks, don’t be afraid to scrap your plans and take a break! 


Someone who works hard on creating those plans…

but ultimately just wants to see you enjoy the trip with your family!

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