Disney Trip Report: Day 1, Part 2

Happy Monday!  It’s trip report day.  In case you missed the last episode, we are on our first official day at Disney World.  The Boardwalk Resort and Villas felt like ‘home’ and our plan for the day was to not have a plan…  

We were so excited to check out our room for the night.  I was prepared to hike around the Boardwalk Villas in search of our room, but surprisingly it was on the main floor right off of the lobby.  Since we were only staying for one night, that was ideal!

I couldn’t have been more pleased with our studio and sincerely hope we have the chance to enjoy one again on a longer trip.


Gregg and I slept in the queen sized bed and the little girls shared the pull out couch, which was surprisingly comfortable.


Big Sister always loves a murphy/daybed at Disney World!  I thought the sleepy Baby Dumbo was a precious touch.


The bathroom was absolutely gorgeous and the closet next to it (which I failed to get a picture of) was a great size.  It had a pack n play and a vacuum cleaner inside.  (Families of six with a little one under three… this is a GREAT place for you!)


The star of the show (in my opinion) was this stunning and practical kitchenette.  We always eat breakfast in our room and this made it even more convenient.  It came stocked with paper plates, napkins, silverwear (plastic), paper towels, dish soap and a sponge.  We packed Pop Tarts and I was happy to be able to actually toast them that morning.

  And that backsplash, guys….  

I stepped out onto the balcony to find this happy view….


I love all of the bright, cheery colors at the Boardwalk.


We enjoyed the pool view for a while and then it was time to pass out!  These girls (and their parents) were EXHAUSTED!!!


We slept for about an hour and then decided to walk back to Epcot for dinner.

My one and only issue with the Boardwalk is that there isn’t a great selection for quick service meals.  There are several great sit down restaurants, but limited selection and seating when it comes to quick service.  (Basically, there is pizza and a bakery.  Ironically,  we walked into Epcot and found the nearest bakery.)


But this is not just any bakery, my friends. It’s my very favorite bakery in the WHOLE, WIDE WORLD- Boulangerie Patisserie les Halles in the France.


We were not on the dining plan so we got an assortment of sandwiches, a Croque Monsieur and pastries.  There was also a creme brûlée’ that did not get shared.  It was all mine.  Ice water is always free so we took advantage of that the entire trip.

The Food and Wine Festival was in full swing at that point and we felt very out of place amongst the young party people with our double stroller, so we decided to head back to the resort to let the kids enjoy the pool one more time.


The sky was starting to look murky so we knew they would have to make it a quick swim.  Thankfully the rain held off and they were able to swim for about an hour while I showered and prepared for the next day.  I did spend a little time out on our balcony enjoying my family having so much fun.

The clouds finally gave way to a big thunder storm and forced the little mermaids and King Triton to call it a night.

Soon the girls were bathed and in cozy pajamas.  We were all ready to settle in for a movie and an early bedtime.  I asked Gregg to go out and grab a bucket of ice and Big Sister asked if she could walk with him.  ‘I’ll take her around the resort on a walk.’ He said.  Mmm hmm…..

Due to the storm the lifeguards had come in and were hanging out in the lobby with art projects and games.  I thought that would be a perfect way to get the little girls settled for bed while Gregg and Big Sis took a walk around the resort.


They played Go Fish, Connect Four and made a couple of different masks.


We checked out the penny machine on the way back to the room.  (Our room was little right around that corner.)


And then Disney-gate 2017 went down….

We had been gone over an hour and I expected Gregg to be in the room when we returned.  Especially since it was storming so bad.  But…. he wasn’t.

I called his cell phone and heard it ringing on the kitchenette.  Grrrrr!!!!  He had left his phone.  In the next 30 minutes I brushed the little girl’s teeth and tried to get them settled into bed.  I was getting extremely worried.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I loaded up the little girls into the double stroller, threw a poncho over them and headed out into the storm to look for my people.  Just as I reached the Boardwalk I saw them come running up in the rain- mismatched pajamas and all.    I.WAS.HOT.MAD.

They explained that Big Sis had the bright idea to sneak back to Epcot and ride Spaceship Earth.  Gregg thought ‘why not, we’re on vacation…’ and off they went.  By the next morning I thought that was the coolest dad move EVER, but that night I was not on board.

It will now be one of my favorite vacation stories and I know we will tell it over and over for the rest of our lives.  She had a blast sneaking off with her dad to Epcot in her PJs and running through the rain.  Kids.  😉

We still got to bed at a reasonable time and I couldn’t wait to wake them up and tell them about their big surprise the next morning!


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