The Early Bird Gets the Worm- Why YOU should book your Disney trip early!

Let me step up onto my soapbox!  This is a subject I am extremely passionate about.  When it comes to booking a Disney World trip, the early bird does, indeed, get the worm.  My wonderful co-worker and friend Kaylee posted some of this information on her Disney group and I decided to borrow a bit and add my own.  We are on the same page with this. Trust us!  It’s our job!  😉

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Why do you get a better price for booking early for Walt Disney World?

Great question!!!

There are a few reasons why…

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Disney prices go up every year.  Don’t you want to be grandfathered into the precious year’s LOWER prices? Disney releases new ticket prices around February every year. Guests that have already booked under the old ticket prices are secured at that rate even if their travel dates fall within the new ticket price window AND even if you change your trip dates. The old ticket prices are locked in! (If you reschedule a trip outside of 30 days, there are no penalties for changes or cancellations.)


I just had this conversation with my best friend this morning.  Her family is wanting to do a girl’s trip and stay on the monorail route, but they would like to book a standard room view at the Polynesian to get the lowest room price.

Each resort has different room categories. The Standard or Garden view rooms are significantly less in in price than a room with a view of the castle and because of this these categories book very quickly. This is especially true for those resorts on the monorail route.  If you don’t mind what type of view you have, this is a great way to save money!

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It’s not secret that planning for a Disney World trip is a whole ordeal!  It’s the size of San Francisco (true story) and contains 140 dining establishments and more things than you could ever do in your lifetime!  There is something for EVERYONE!  The earlier you book, the better I can prepare for your family’s dream vacation.  Dining reservations need to be made 180 days out to have the best chance of getting everything you want.  There are several hot ticket places that book up right away.  I love for my families to have plenty of time to discuss dining options so that we can plan the perfect experiences for them.

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I get asked this question all of the time.  YES!  I would be happy to set up a payment plan for your family.  Disney World only requires a $200 deposit and then you can pay as much or as little as you want until 30 days prior to your trip when you total balance will be due.  The earlier you book, the more time you have to pay!  This has worked out so well for so many of my families.

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Let’s book your Disney World trip TODAY!  Contact me at

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